About the Company

Sri Lanka's Leading Music Company

Serandip Music Group, the parent organization of Serandip Records Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2020 by Prathap Costa and Sandun Nissanka. Currently, the organization consists of four board members. While being Sri Lanka's first all-around music company, the organization has a number of subsidiaries. Serandip Portal, Serandip Events, Serandip Bonfire, Serandip Music Publishing, Serandip Merch, and Seradnip University. The organization took the first initiative to create a complete music scene in Sri Lanka. Providing artists with full-service artist management solutions/ Music Publishing. Serandip Music Publishing, Sri Lanka's first and only music publishing company that provides publishing services to all the artists. Serandip Records is a platform that consists of media-based networks. It has contracts with major label services and PR companies. Our services are comprehensive and tailor to the needs of our clients. They include artist development, day-to-day administration, digital strategy, radio promotion, marketing, direct-to-fan distribution, and public relations.


Board Members


Prathap Costa


Rapper/producer/vocalist/beat-maker hailing from the hill capital, Kandy, COSTA, has turned into more or less a household name with the Sinhala & English Hip Hop/Rap Music community in Sri Lanka.


Sandun Nissanka 


Sandun is a serial entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. Throughout the last four years, he has established relationships with various influential individuals in order to form a series of business startups. 


Thiruna Fernando

Board Member 

Thiruna is a Los Angeles based individual that wears many hats. Although he is a payroll specialist by trade, his greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of music and design.


David Luchow

Board Member

Hi, I am David. You probably came here because you’ve heard about how I regularly work with leading artists and record labels based in England, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, United States, Australia, Sri Lanka & Japan to produce / mix/master great music.



Hiyum Rattambige

Director of Operations & Business Strategist

Artist and owner of Locohood Entertainment production house, Hiyum a.k.a 'Loco' has been in the Hip hop music industry for 15 years. He is also a member of the award-winning music group Drill Team Westnahira. His professional background consists of business development and entrepreneurship where he plays the role of a business strategist to a chain of start-ups. Hiyum's academic background has been focused on audio engineering, digital marketing, and digital innovation. Along with his ever-increasing versatile music catalog, he will also be taking on the role of a business development strategist and operational director of Serendip.


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    Serandip Records is Sri Lanka's leading music company that provides full-service artist management solutions/ Music Publishing for a variety of music business clients. 

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    Serandip Music Publishing

    Serandip Music Publishing is Sri Lanka's first and only music publishing company that collects publishing and performing royalties from all around the world. The company is partnered up with AFQ Media Group LLC, a publishing entity that collects publishing from societies like BMI and SEASAC. 

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    Serandip Merch

    Serandip Merch is Sri Lanka's first artist merchandising platform. 

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Trust and Responsibility

The trust of our artists is priceless. Therefore, we pull together to meet the demands of our music clients and ensure they get the most out of our cooperation. We uphold trust principles and know that only a precise and straightforward approach may help to win the hearts of people. We also support the communities that need help and invest money in the development of innovative music technology that protects the future of the Sri Lankan Music Industry.